My Legendary Marketer Results #2

December 8, 2020

Vytis Andre
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This is outdated post. All my updated Legendary Marketer results are here.

For those who doesn’t know — Legendary Marketer is online marketing training tool that also offers an affiliate program. High-ticket one. And I am a member of their affiliate program.

In this post, I will present my LM results on December 8th, 2020.

November 9 — December 8, 2020 commissions: $164.92

All time commissions: $450.53

Due to my other projects, I didn’t focus at all to attract new clients.

But things themselves were slowly moving forward.

The further I go, the more I begin to understand the beauty of passive income and ever green content. While I was doing my other works, the money itself flowed slowly into my account.

It should also be mentioned I didn’t pay a penny for traffic.

That was the result of a small amount of my effort when I wrote several articles here at some time ago. And it generated some free traffic for me.

If you want to create your own passive source of income, you can start with Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Business Builder Challenge, for the price of $7.


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This article may contain affiliate links and if you purchase anything through one of my affiliate links I might be compensated in some way.


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