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Value Ladder Explained With Pictures

Vytis Andre
3 min readDec 22, 2019


I’ve been going through this Online Business Challenge with great mentor of mine Dave and I just wanted to share with you what I just learned about most powerful sales and marketing strategy — The Value Ladder! That sh**t is so powerful that even goosebumps just ran through my body when writing this!

It’s powerful and quite complicated, but I’ll do my best to make it simple…

If you think realistically — the goal of your sales funnel is just to break even on the front — end and you make all of your profit on the back — end (If you are not familiar with sales funnels, just start your Online Business Challenge and you’ll find everything about sales funnels on day 1). And this is when Value Ladder comes in.

Think of your Value Ladder simply as your product line — the more value your product provides, the higher price is.

I‘m going to use the same example as Dave explained in Online Business Challenge - Apple company.

Apple always sold computers, but company really exploded when they released their first iPhone. Why? Because iPhone cost is relatively low and hundred millions of people purchased it. What happened next? A lot of those happy iPhone owners, realized they are willing to switch from their other computers to Apple computers.

And today Apple’s Value Ladder is most complex and brilliant Value Ladder ever created. Most people are starting with iPhone and then migrate up the Value Ladder and buys iPad and then they make switch and purchase MacBook or iMac (or both) and they become fully integrated into Apple’s ecosystem with Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Pay.

By creating lower price product at the bottom of their Value Ladder, Apple created doorway for customers to buy all other high ticket products and subscription services.

When you combine the power of good sales funnel with the Value Ladder of products that offer more and more value at higher ticket price points you get something magical.

I hope this made water more clear, but if you want to learn more about Value Ladder or other powerful online business and marketing concepts or you are completely new to this and want to start your online business, just dive into this amazing Online Business Challenge. It costs only few bucks, but you will get tons of valuable information.

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